Book List & YouTube Videos for WBCS Exam


WBCS Book List

  • Providing perfect WBCS book list for everyone is not possible cause everyone have a different grasping power.
  • We are providing standard book list for WBCS exam.
  • Aspirants can choose from the alternatives books.
  • Complementary books will help you to prepare better for the WBCS exam.
  • Those books will cover WBCS prelim and main both.
  • YouTube videos will cover almost all the topics from syllabus.
  • Please check the WBCS syllabus for all the important topics.

YouTube Videos for WBCS Exam

WBCS Book List

WBCS Book List

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WBCS Book List

Bengali & English



History of India






Indian Polity



Indian Economy



Science & Technology






Math & GI



Current Affairs



General Knowledge



Previous Year Question & MCQs


WBCS Book List

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