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Welcome to wbcsmocktest.com……



  • Its a mock test platform by wbpscupsc.com.
  • We will keep the price as low as possible to make affordable and accessible for everyone.
  • This site will make you exam ready and will provide a proper exam experience.



Here is what you will find on wbcsmocktest.com:

  • Here we are trying to provide low cost Mock Test with some free tests. 
  • We will try to cover as many exams as possible in near future.
  • This site will cover only West Bengal State Govt. exams.
  • You can purchase our mock test if need it.



Our Vision

  • We believe that knowledge is our basic Right  ……… and anyone can’t charge for it or stop us to get knowledge without giving huge money …….
  • By sharing knowledge we can gain confidence, reduce the skills gap and widening the talent pool
  • So ………. Join with us in this movement to make the knowledge free and for all without any barrier 
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