History – Subject wise – Short Test – 3



History - Short Test - 3

Total No. of Questions : 20

Total Marks : 20

Time : 12 min

Negative Marks : 1/3 or (- 0.33)

Result & all question and answers will be appeared after you submit the test.

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The Krishak Praja Party in West Bengal is established by

After the Surat split in 1907 the second split in the Congress took place in 1918 on the issue of-

Who was described by the British Prime Minister as “ half naked fakir from India “ ?

The news magazine Bharat Shramajivi was published by

The president of the India National Congress at the time of independence was

Andher Nagari was written by

Who founded the “ Amrita Bazar Patrika “ ?

Where was the first session of the Indian National Congress held ?

Who said ‘What Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow’ ?

In which year the ‘Great Escape’ of Subhas Chandra Bose to Germany take place ?

Sanjivani, a newspaper was published by

The First National Planning Committee was constituted by the Congress in 1938 under the Presidency of –

At which place did Mahatma Gandhi had the first experience of mass movement of India ?

Hind Mazdoor Sangh was founded by :

Whom did the Ghadar Party plot to kill ?

Subhas Chandra Bose was elected congress President for the second time in :

In India the Federal Court was constituted by an act of

Nair Service Society under the leadership of Mannath Padmanava Pillai was founded in

Where was the “Gadar” Party formed ?

The three-member Cabinet Mission that visited India between March and June 1946, was headed by-

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